5 Reasons You Should Be Using Supermarket Weekly Ads

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5 Reasons You Should Be Using Supermarket Weekly Ads

Happy Wednesday!

One of my favorite ways of saving money…on the daily…happens every Wednesday.  It, also, happens to be one of the easiest!

Supermarket Weekly Ads

Ok…now, I know you’ve probably seen the circulars right when you walk into your local grocery store, but did you know they are online, too?  I like to have a “plan” before I go to the grocery store because we all know what happens when we run to the store for a few, quick items on an empty stomach, right?!

Here are my 5 steps to quickly and easily save you time and money at the supermarket using weekly ads:

  1. Wherever you live, weekly ads (usually…except for some holidays) come out on Wednesday.  Go to your local, favorite    grocery store’s website…yes, I said stores, plural…and sign up for their weekly ad to be emailed to you.  Every Wednesday morning, I wake up and bam…it’s in my inbox, so I don’t have an excuse of forgetting.

⇒ TIP:  Remember when I said “stores” above?  Don’t just rely on your favorite grocery store have the best deals.  For instance, I really like the shopping experience at my local Publix, but in reality Winn Dixie, typically, gives me better deals and as an added bonus I get fuel perks.  So, get more than one store for comparison.  You’ll really understand what I’m talking about when you get to the next steps.

  1. Let the Weekly Ad be your friend and guide.  Huh?  Yes, your guide and your friend because it will save you money and probably a fair of amount of time.

In our home, the ad usually dictates what we eat for that week.  I fold a 8x11.5 piece of paper in half, tear it, and then write my lists* based off my wants and needs in the ad.  The top half of the page is always dedicated to Publix while the second half goes to WinnDixie (and I use the back of it if I need to).  Most of the time both supermarkets will have the majority of the same items on sale (hmm…how in the heck does that happen?!) and that way you can compare who has the best price.  Also, that “list” will show you who has the best combined savings for the week…usually the longer list. 😉

⇒ TIP:  Remember when I said “lists” above?  The list is going to include, obviously, what is on sale, but, also, what you want AND need.  {Remember toilet paper and paper towels can get expensive!}

  1. Stock up!  Because MANY of the items in the weekly ads are B1G1 (buy one, get one), it’s a great time to stock up.  We have an overflow area in our pantry for items like this.  No…I don’t need 2 jars of salad dressing or 2 jars of mayo, but I might one day.  Take advantage of those deals while you can and hey, it’s an added bonus sometimes when you get in a pinch because your kids have eaten all of the other and didn’t tell you. 😉
  1. Coupons!  Remember when I said the weekly circulars are right in the front of the supermarket when you walk into them?  Well, so are coupons that are not published on the web….and there’s usually a couple of different stacks of them.  Grab and take a quick glance and you’ll be glad you did.  Some of them contain hefty coupons.  Just this past week there was a $5 coupon off a couple of fairly cheap items.

Also, speaking of coupons….while you’re looking at the weekly ad online, go ahead and load up on the digital coupons.  All it takes is to sign up for a free account (usually just your name, phone number, and email addy) and a couple of clicks on the coupons you’re interested in.  That way, they’ll either be stored on your store “perks” card or you can just enter your phone number at checkout and the discounts will be applied. **If you sign up for the weekly ad, they’ll, typically, be emailed to you sometime during the week, as well, as to not let you forget those either.

  1. PERKS!!!!!!!  I left this step for last, but it absolutely my favorite part of grocery shopping.  I mentioned above Winn Dixie usually gives us the best prices and it’s not just because of their weekly ad, it’s because of the grand thing called FUEL PERKS!  For every $50 you spend at WD, they’ll give you 5 cents off a gallon of gas for that month.  Let’s say you spend $400 there in a month, you will then have a 40 cent discount on EVERY gallon of gas on your fillup.*

Also, they’re very generous will their Fuel Perks on all kinds of other items in the stores, but especially alcohol.  Typically, alcohol isn’t inexpensive either and so you get the additional 5 cents for every $50 spent.  For example, in the weekly ad they may list your favorite wine for $10 + 10 cents (and I’ve seen up to at least 25 cents) on every bottle.  So, if you bought 5 bottles of wine, it would look like this……

5 bottles of wine @ $10/each = $50

Fuel Perks on the 5 bottles = 50 cents off each gallon of fuel

Fuel Perks on spending $50 = 5 (additional) cents off each gallon of fuel

If you took one trip to the gas station (just on that purchase alone), that would be 55 cents off each gallon of gas.  If you bought 20 gallons of gas, that would be saving $11 in fuel costs.  Pretty cool, right?!

* VERY IMPORTANT NOTE:  WD tallies your Fuel Perks on a monthly basis.  Therefore, some will expire at month end and some will carryover til the next month (and if not used then, will expire at that month end).  You are allowed to use that cumulative total for up to 20 gallons per purchase. We usually wait to the end of the month and then take both cars…double dip 😉 ….if both cars need gas.  Also, please note, those FP’s are ONLY available at participating Shell gas station location and you must swipe your WD card before purchase at the pump.

Here’s how to sign up and a handy little video to explain it below.

Here’s another great link to give you an overview of how much money you have saved at WD in the past year, how much Fuel Perks you currently have, and the breakdown of all the coupons you loaded onto your WD card.


Just on our rewards card alone, we have saved $1044.26 year to date (Jan-September)!!  Woohoo!!

Comment below if you have any questions or can tell us a great story of how the weekly ads are saving you!