For over the last 19 years, Evergreen (formally Omni) has been the choice for affordable and trusted financial wellness.  We know that a person’s financial well-being isn’t just based on past credit history, but on present and future choices, as well. Our products and services are tailored to not only help you get your finances under control, but also teach you how to keep them under control, which provides less stress, more security, and a sense of peace over your financial future.

Besides having lower prices, the main advantage we have over our competitors is that we are your one stop shop in getting you on the road to total financial wellness. Just like a school report card or a health report from your doctor, good financial health is obtained by having good “grades” in the following 3 areas:  1) Financial Well-Being  2) Cash Flow Health and 3) Credit. Finances are some of the number one stressors in life and our goal is to make it as simple and relatable, as possible,


As a result of our hard work and beneficial services, our clients have been able to buy houses, refinance existing home loans, purchase automobiles, refinance existing automobile loans, rent apartments and houses, acquire new jobs, retain existing jobs, save thousands of dollars through lower interest rates, and most importantly, provide for themselves and their family while lowering their stress and living healthier, more fruitful lives.

While generally not boastful, Evergreen does make one very bold claim: We are “trusted.” As the saying goes, “it’s not bragging if you can back it up.” For almost 2 decades, we've maintained the gold standard when it comes to business ethics, industry-leading strategies, and dedication to our clients.

Our reward is your satisfaction and success!